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I received the following testimonials from past customers

"Delta-Montrose Electric Association (DMEA), a cooperative serving 26,000 members in southwestern Colorado, is proud to have brought our members the outstanding energy education taught by Doug Rye. We have had Doug speak at seminars and conferences for the past four years and have facilitated his radio program coming to our area.

The techniques taught by Doug Rye have been well received by our members and other energy consumers in our region. In fact, many of other utilities' consumers say they wish they were our members because of the emphasis we place on energy efficiency education, as exemplified by Doug's teachings.

Doug has been a tremendous asset to our efforts to help our members save energy and money. New businesses, such as cellulose insulation contractors, have emerged following the first seminar Doug taught for us. The number of GeoExchange systems installed in our area has grown considerably with the energy economics Doug espouses reaching more and more people.

We highly recommend that more utilities bring Doug's message to their consumers. The result would be good for our nation's environment, economy and future."

Tom Polikalas
Communications/PR Supervisor, DMEA


  "I had built my home using your techniques and always try to promote your ideas anytime energy savings issues are discussed. Our office space where I work is a leased facility and we are going to build an office so I sent the DVD to the designers....The tape keeps moving and is informative too....I want to thank you for what you have done for me. Our home is cozy, snug, quiet, and not at all drafty. What you say about heat pumps being able to heat a house is true if you do not have leaks for air to come in."    

John T.

 "I have built and occupied 3 Doug Rye houses since 1987.  In all three cases, the comfort and utility costs were unbelievably marvelous.  I am presently building another Doug Rye home for my retirement.  Trust me; just do it."

M.G. Gross - Retired Civil Engineer, Farmers Home Administration (FHA)

I had the cellulose insulation put in my attic, and my electric bill did drop between 20 to 25 dollars per month.
..... I know that it works. The next thing I'm in the process of doing is having the Marathon water heater installed. I look at it this way, I used around $ 450 to have the cellulose put in my attic and with a return on my investment on average of $ 23 per month. Now if you used the same $ 450 in the stock market, CDs, or interest bearing accounts, I don't think you would ever receive a better return on the money. It looks like the $ 23 per month will be for a long time, too me that is a good return.

Leslie U. - St. Louis, MO

This is the most comfortable home I have ever lived in.  My house is all electric and my average total electric bill is $86.00 per month.  My highest bill to date is $115.00.

Paul D.  - Norman, OK

Building an energy efficient home is as simple as Doug Rye says, and it will save you money.  I know; I built one following his recommendations for insulation, windows, a geothermal heating and cooling system, properly sized ductwork and return air, a Marathon water heater and caulk, caulk, caulk.  The results:
Our new home has twice the space of our last home, and the energy bills in the new home are less than half of what we paid in the old house.
Over a 12-month period (May 2003-April 2004), our total energy bills have averaged $112/mo., including taxes and surcharges.
Our total energy cost WITHOUT TAXES AND SURCHARGES in our all-electric home runs about 2.8 cents per square foot per month.           

I first met Doug in 1963, and the past 40 years has given me a fairly good insight into the man's character.  If Doug Rye says he can save you money on your energy bills, he will do it. 

Bob Joblin - Little Rock,  AR

NO Phillip. Thank you. I've followed Doug for years. I am preparing to build a home next year with all of your recommendations.... I simply want do anything that Doug Rye wants to recommend.  

Al A.

I received your DVD and find it to be quite useful and full of good information...Thanks for the great information and keep it coming!    

Steve B.

Approximately one month ago I purchased your Energy Tips for New Homes DVD. Man, I honestly believe that was the best 37.00 I have ever spent. My wife and I are in the beginning stages of building our second home and hopefully our last. I'm trying my best to build a Doug Rye home.....Thanks a million!   


Greg A.


Have been learning a lot from the five e-books I received.
This was and is a great package with the DVD's. A massive amount of great information that can be implemented very inexpensively.
Thank again.   


Dean H.


Dear Martha,
Thanks for the phone call concerning our newspaper story on geoexchange projects.
Perhaps the most direct way to help with your new house near Nashville is to put you in touch with the best expert in the country in residential geoexchange. His name is Doug Rye. He has been doing geo for 35 years. He can review your plans, make improvement, design your system and consult with you and your builder.
Please go to the attached link and bear with me, read everything. Its long and sounds too good to be true. But, this guy knows his stuff, has lectured all over, including many times in Colorado and is looked up to by the Architect/Engineering profession.
I hope this gets you on your way to a successful project.

Dean M. (at Sundesigns Architects PC, Glenwood Springs, CO)





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