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Energy Efficiency and the Environment



Save Energy, Money, AND Help Save The Environment

You can do your part to help save the environment by having an energy efficient home.

Energy efficient homes do the following:

  • prevent thousands of tons of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere

  • require less need for power-generating plants and less need for oil drilling

  • require less dependency on foreign energy suppliers; everyone in America is being affected by this dependency today. 

You have two choices: Waste It or Use It Wisely. You can pay a little more each month on your mortgage or pay a lot every month to utility companies.

How is energy wasted?

  • The average house has 400 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of leakage in the ductwork alone.  Put this in terms that are easier to understand, most kitchen trash bags are three cubic feet, which means there are about 130 kitchen bags of air leaking out of your house and into your attic or crawl space every MINUTE your unit is running. 

  • In one out of three homes, the ductwork is totally disconnected in at least one place, which means the air you paid to heat or cool is being discharged and wasted somewhere instead of heating and cooling your home. 

That's a lot of wasted air! If we fixed all the ductwork in America, we wouldn't have to build another generating plant for years.


Global Warming


Dependency on fossil fuels causes destruction of millions of acres of America's wilderness.  Oil drilling has already made its way into Alaska's Prudhoe Bay, which was once pristine and is now covered with thousands of miles of roads and pipelines. 

Burning fossil fuels from power plants and gas furnaces releases thousands of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.  Carbon dioxide is the primary greenhouse gas responsible for global warming.  America is the world's largest contributor to global warming emissions. It would be foolish not to implement solutions.

Everyone has heard of global warming and green house gasses (GHG).  GHG's, which are carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide, have a heat-trapping property that doesn't allow heat to escape through the earth's atmosphere.  Instead, it is trapped in the atmosphere and leads to global warming.

Our inefficient heating and cooling systems by far have the greatest impact on global warming. About 2,700 pounds of carbon per person per year is emitted from burning fossil fuels for electricity in our homes. The average heating/cooling unit emits 4,500 pounds of carbon per year. 

Appliance Pounds of Carbon Emitted Per Year
Heating/Cooling 4500
Lights 1000
Refrigerator 250
Dish Washer 200
TV 100

Rising temperatures from global warming are expected to raise sea levels and change weather patterns around the globe. Changing regional climates could alter crop yields, reduce our forests, and challenge our water supplies. It could also affect human health, animals, and many types of ecosystems. Deserts may expand into existing rangelands, and features of some of our national parks may be permanently altered.

Recycle by Using Cellulose Insulation

For economical and ecological reasons, I recommend using cellulose insulation.  Cellulose insulation is nothing more than recycled newsprint.  By using recycled newsprint, we conserve tons of paper that would have gone into landfills, so we save expensive landfill space and help recycling programs.

Cellulose has the highest recycled content of any insulation product.  The cellulose industry averages a minimum of 75% recycled newspaper, and the fiberglass industry averages 35% recycled glass in its insulation.  Using recycled newspaper in cellulose insulation saves millions of trees.

What factors are to blame for increased global warming?  One factor that increases global warming is carbon dioxide (CO2).  When trees (or any other fossil fuels, coal, natural gas, propane, etc.) are burned, carbon dioxide is released.  CO2 traps the heat in the atmosphere, not allowing it to escape.  One step in solving the global warming problem around the world is to build energy-efficient homes and use energy-efficient products, such as cellulose insulation and geothermal heat pumps.

Renewable Energy

Why is geothermal energy renewable?  Geothermal is nothing more than absorbed solar energy, which is a renewable energy source.  The earth absorbs about 50% of the sun's energy that reaches the earth's surface.

In physics, there are two types of energy: potential and kinetic.  Let's think of a loaded spring.  When the spring is stretched, it has potential energy (no movement).  When the spring is released, it has kinetic (moving) energy.  Solar energy in the earth is potential energy waiting to be used.

Efficient and Reliable Energy

A geothermal heat pump is four to five times more efficient in fuel conversion than a gas furnace.  One benefit of the super efficiency is a longer lifespan of the equipment.  The lifespan of geothermal units is estimated to be 22 years by the U.S. Department of Energy.  I have had geothermal in my own home for 17 years.  The most energy-efficient central heat and air and the highest-rated HVAC units are by far geothermal heating and cooling systems. 

Endorsed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Energy (DoE), geothermal energy is the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly  heating and cooling option available.  


The Effect of CFC's (ChloroFluoroCarbons) on the Ozone Layer

What products are damaging the ozone layer? Studies have shown that CFC's, which contain chlorine, fluoride, and carbon, are a major contributor to ozone depletion. CFC's were once thought to be a great substance for air conditioning systems in homes, cars, and many other applications.    

How does the ozone layer affect the environment?  The ozone layer protects the earth from ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun.  UV rays break down CFC compounds, releasing the three elements, with chlorine being the most detrimental.  The released chlorine destroys ozone molecules.  One chlorine atom can destroy more than 100,000 ozone molecules.  Chlorine atoms destroy ozone atoms faster than they can be created.

The ozone layer is in danger because CFC's have been used in all air conditioners in homes and automobiles for the past 20 years.  Studies have shown an ozone hole over Antarctica in spring, where ozone levels have fallen by 60%.  Ozone depletion is a worldwide problem.  The ozone layer in America can fall five to ten percent throughout the year.  A reduction of ozone in the atmosphere means an increase in UV radiation.  Excess exposure to UV radiation causes melanoma skin cancer, harms certain crops, and kills marine life.

In 1987, the government mandated a phase out of older systems that used ozone- chlorofluorocarbons).  One of the solutions to ozone layer depletion is the environmentally friendly chemical PuronTM.  Several models of the new geothermal systems are Puron geothermal units.

More facts on the ozone layer can be found at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Website.  

Now Is The Time for You To Help Save the Environment!



Dear Martha,
Thanks for the phone call concerning our newspaper story on geo-exchange projects.
Perhaps the most direct way to help with your new house near Nashville is to put you in touch with the best expert in the country in residential geo-exchange. His name is Doug Rye. He has been doing geo for 35 years. He can review your plans, make improvement, design your system and consult with you and your builder.
Please go to the attached link and bear with me, read everything. Its long and sounds too good to be true. But, this guy knows his stuff, has lectured all over, including many times in Colorado and is looked up to by the Architect/Engineering profession.
I hope this gets you on your way to a successful project.
Regards, Dean M. (at Sundesigns Architects PC, Glenwood Springs, CO)

Thank you. I've followed Doug for years. I am preparing to build a home next year with all of your recommendations.... I simply want do anything that Doug Rye wants to recommend.  Al A.

I received your DVD and find it to be quite useful and full of good information...Thanks for the great information and keep it coming!    Steve B.

Dear Mr. Rye,
Many thanks for your efforts to keep us out of the "poor house". I put a large addition on my 50 yr. old raised house in N.O. I followed your advice as best I could and my electric bill dropped by and average of $80 per month, even though I have 800sq. ft. and 2 tons more A/C. ...
God bless,
Greg D

Hello Doug,
Approximately one month ago I purchased your Energy Tips for New Homes DVD. Man, I honestly believe that was the best 39.95 I have ever spent. My wife and I are in the beginning stages of building our second home and hopefully our last. I'm trying my best to build a Doug Rye home.....Thanks a million!  Greg A.

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You can do all that and more after I show you how to slash hundreds of dollars 
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When you combine your mortgage payments, utility bills, and other maintenance costs, your house expenses total thousands of dollars a year. Envision saving $200 a month ($2,400 a year). Invest those savings or pay off outstanding bills, purchase your dream car, or take a luxury cruise. I guarantee you will save money on your monthly utility bills once I teach you:

  • how you can get FREE hot water from a geothermal heat pump

  • precisely what to tell the builder of your new home, such as what kind of insulation to use, the most cost-effective and efficient heating and cooling system, and the most efficient water heater

  • how a $10 investment can save you $2 a month for the rest of your life

  • how you can buy most of these products at your local hardware store

  • how a $10 improvement to seal leaky duct could possibly save $30 per month

  • why 90% of homes in America have the least energy-efficient heating and cooling system allowed by law.

  • how to effectively use radiant barrier roof decking to save at least $20 per month

  • With this knowledge, youíll save hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars a year in utility expenses. Just as important, youíll have the satisfaction of knowing how to lower your utility bills and EXACTLY what to tell your contractor when building your new home.

YOU can be in charge of how much you pay in utility bills.

In case you've forgotten, it's not the contractor's home, 
it's YOURS, and YOU have to pay the bills. 


Why Doug Rye is America's Leading 
and Most Trusted "Energy Expert"
  • Bachelor of Arts degree in Architecture

  • Licensed architect and 35 year membership with the American Institute of Architects

  • Hosts the popular "Home Remedies" radio talk program, which has been on the air for 15 years in 14 states 

  • Has helped hundreds of thousands of people, schools, and military bases greatly reduce their heating and cooling bills

  • Speaks annually at American Institute of Architects meetings to hundreds of other architects on energy efficiency

  • Conducts over 150 energy saving seminars per year all across the U.S. Grand Junction, CO, Nashville, TN, Louisville, KY, Ft. Wayne, IN, Oklahoma City, OK and other cities

  • Hosted the "Home Remedies" cable television series with co-host Tommy Sanders of ESPN

  • Responsible for the construction of more than 50,000 geothermal cooled homes.

  • Click Here to view past magazine ads featuring Doug Rye

  • Click Here to see what Indiana Electric Cooperatives have to say.



Dear Mr. Rye,†
Can you tell me the name of a reputable company in ......, who does Blower Door Tests?†The Doug Rye Energy Tips 2 is outstanding.
Another happy customer, Dick G.

Have been learning a lot from the five e-books I received.
This was and is a great package with the DVD's. A massive amount of great information
that can be implemented very inexpensively.
Thank again.   Dean H.

"Thanks again for your quick response, I already have the video, and it has been very helpful, my husband and I have watched it twice in the last few months since we are starting to build our house...  I think the two of you are truly wonderful people since you actually care about everyones future."    Dana Boutwell

"I had built my home using your techniques and always try to promote your ideas anytime energy savings issues are discussed. Our office space where I work is a leased facility and we are going to build an office so I sent the DVD to the designers....The tape keeps moving and is informative too....I want to thank you for what you have done for me. Our home is cozy, snug, quiet, and not at all drafty. What you say about heat pumps being able to heat a house is true if you do not have leaks for air to come in."    John T.

I received your DVD and find it to be quite useful and full of good information...Thanks for the great information and keep it coming!    Steve B.

"Delta-Montrose Electric Association (DMEA), a cooperative serving 26,000 members in southwestern Colorado, is proud to have brought our members the outstanding energy education taught by Doug Rye. We have had Doug speak at seminars and conferences for the past four years and have facilitated his radio program coming to our area.

The techniques taught by Doug Rye have been well received by our members and other energy consumers in our region. In fact, many of other utilities' consumers say they wish they were our members because of the emphasis we place on energy efficiency education, as exemplified by Doug's teachings.

Doug has been a tremendous asset to our efforts to help our members save energy and money. New businesses, such as cellulose insulation contractors, have emerged following the first seminar Doug taught for us. The number of GeoExchange systems installed in our area has grown considerably with the energy economics Doug espouses reaching more and more people.

We highly recommend that more utilities bring Doug's message to their consumers. The result would be good for our nation's environment, economy and future."

Tom Polikalas
Communications/PR Supervisor, Delta Montrose Electric Assoc., Montrose, CO



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Bonus #1 Learn a Simple Energy-Saving Framing Technique For New Construction 

In most homes, corners and T's (where an interior wall meets an exterior wall) have a 1-1/2" space the height of the wall that is not insulated.

If you add up all the corners and T's in your home, you will have an area about the size of a window that is not insulated and that allows air to come in fro the outside,  every day of the year.

The uninsulated space allows air infiltration.  Many of you may have experienced moisture or mold problems in the corners of your home.  In the winter, when warm air in your home comes in contact with the colder outside air, mold and mildew can form.  

When I consult with you on your new home construction, and on my DVD and videotape, I show you a simple framing technique that allows insulating these areas.  The technique does not alter the structural stability of your home.   

Bonus #2         Energy E-book #1 ($20)

"The Most Complete Energy Efficient Appliance Guide
You'll Find -- Anywhere"

The Energy Efficient Appliance Guide covers topics such as:
  • A guide to making energy-smart purchases - If you feel that energy bills are taking a big chunk of change out of your pocket, you are not alone. Americans spend more than $115 billion each year on fuel and electricity for their homes. On the average, heating and cooling (space conditioning) account for about 45% of the energy a home uses. Water heating consumes about 14%, and appliances and other sources consume about 41%. Though energy use varies among homes, there are many ways to lower your energy bills.  
  • Energy standards for residential appliances
    • Air Conditioners - Central Air and Heat Pumps
    • Air Conditioners Ė Room
    • Clothes Dryers
    • Clothes Washers
    • Heating Equipment - Furnaces and Boilers
    • Kitchen Ranges and Ovens
    • Lamps Ė Fluorescent
    • Lamp (Fluorescent) Ballasts
    • Lamps - Incandescent Reflector
    • Pool Heaters
    • Refrigerators/Refrigerator-Freezers/Freezers
    • Showerheads and Faucets
    • Water Closets and Urinals
    • Water Heaters
  • Financing an energy efficient home - You can apply for energy-efficient financing through a government-insured or conventional loan program.
Bonus #3        Energy E-book #2 ($20)

"The Complete Guide to Geothermal Energy and it's uses"

This geothermal guide covers topics such as:
  • Geothermal Basics - Heat from the Earth, or geothermal ó Geo (Earth) + thermal (heat) ó energy can be and already is accessed by drilling holes in the ground and inserting pipes. Geothermal energy is an enormous, underused heat and power resource that is clean (emits little or no greenhouse gases), reliable (average system availability of 95%), and homegrown (making us less dependent on foreign oil).

  • Types of geothermal power plants

  • The history of geothermal in the United States - 1800 to Present

  • The future of geothermal

  • Geothermal FAQ's

  • Geothermal heat pumps (GHP) - The geothermal heat pump, also known as the ground source heat pump, is a highly efficient renewable energy technology that is gaining wide acceptance for both residential and commercial buildings. Geothermal heat pumps are used for space heating and cooling, as well as water heating. Its great advantage is that it works by concentrating naturally existing heat, rather than by producing heat through combustion of fossil fuels.

  • Environmental impacts

  • Reliability and maintenance

  • Residential Savings

Bonus #4          Energy E-book #4 ($20)

"The Comprehensive Wind and Hydropower Energy Guide"

  Wind Energy Basics

  • How wind turbines work

  • Advantages and disadvantages of its use

  • Wind energy use throughout history

  • U.S. wind energy resource potential

  • Current research and development

  • Home Wind System Basics

Hydropower Energy Basics

  • How hydropower works

  • Advantages and disadvantages of its use

  • Hydropower use throughout history

  • U.S. hydropower resource potential

Bonus #5          Energy E-book #5 ($20)

"A Solar Energy Guide"

Solar Energy Basics - Sunlight - solar energy - can be used to generate electricity, provide hot water, and to heat, cool, and light buildings. Photovoltaic (solar cell) systems convert sunlight directly into electricity. Solar water heating systems for buildings have two main parts: a solar collector and a storage tank.

Solar Water Heating - One of the most cost effective ways to incorporate renewable technologies into a building is by incorporating solar hot water. A typical system will reduce the need for conventional water heating by about two-thirds, minimizing the expense of electricity or fossil fuel to heat the water and reducing the associated environmental impacts.

  • Active Systems

  • Passive Systems

  • Swimming Pools

Solar Heating Basics

  • Passive Solar

  • Active Solar

  • Solar Collector Types

Solar Energy FAQs


Bonus #6          2 Mini Energy E-books #6 ($20)

"45 Ways to Make Save Energy In Your Apartment "
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45 Ways to Make Save Energy In Your Apartment
  • Temperature Control

  • Hot Water

  • Kitchen Stove

  • Refrigerator

  • Dish Washer

  • Washing Machine and Dryer

  • Window Air Conditioner

Improving the Efficiency of Your Duct System


Discover how you can save hundreds of dollars per year by using a geothermal heat pump and energy efficient appliances.  

Both of these super bonuses are jam-packed with information on home energy efficiency.  These e-books will be a great compliment to my VHS/DVD as they explain home energy usage in greater detail.

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If you have any questions, contact me at 501-653-7931 8:00-4:30 M-F (CST).  Be sure to mention that you saw my Web site.  You can send mail to: C/O Doug Rye & Associates, P.O. Box 429, Benton,  AR,  72018.


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P.S.  Remember, I guarantee that my energy-saving tips will save you money, or I'll give you as an individual a 110% refund.

P.P.S.  Would you like a written guarantee that you will save money on your heating, cooling, and hot water bills on your new house?  Simply send me your plans, and for an Internet special of 13 cents a square foot (normally 15 cents), I will size your heating and cooling system and give you a written guarantee that your heating and cooling costs will not exceed a guaranteed average per month if you build your house exactly as I instruct you to.  You will save $40 off my usual consultant fee for a 2,000-square-foot house.  You can easily make the money back in the first month from lowered utility bills. I have sized systems for hundreds of customers and never had a single complaint.   Ninety percent of homes in America today have oversized heating and cooling systems.  This results in higher utility bills, higher initial costs, humidity problems, and decreased equipment life.  If you have any questions, contact me at 501-653-7931 8:00-4:30 M-F (CST).  Take advantage of this special offer right now and you can receive my New Home VHS/DVD absolutely FREE. 

 P.P.P.S.  If still aren't convinced that you will at least make back your $39.95 investment with my techniques, I am going to give you one of the following energy saving tips from my VHS/DVD.

Existing Homes: 
The only place that most water heaters are not insulated is on the bottom.  Every day of the year you are heating your floor.  Your floor doesn't need heating.  Install a 1" piece of foam insulation board under your electric water heater.  While you're at it, install a water-heater wrap and save even more money each month.  Both of these combined cost $10 to $15 and save you $2 to $3 every month.  In a worst-case scenario it will take you seven months to recoup your costs, and thereafter this energy improvement MAKES you money every month. Adding this little bit of insulation is something EVERYONE can and should do. 

New Homes: 
Where is the hottest place in your house in the summer? 
Answer: The attic.  Where I live, the attics are about 120F degrees in the summer.
Where is the coldest place in you house in the winter? 
Answer:  The attic. 
Where is the one place you should NEVER put your ductwork? 
Answer: The attic. 
Where is the ductwork put in most of the new house construction? 
Answer:  You guessed it.  The attic. 
Your front yard is cooler in summer and warmer in winter than your attic! Why not put it in your front yard?  Itís cooler out there.  Let me show you where to put your ductwork that will save you money in energy bills every month.

Order my DVD/VHS today and start saving money! 

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