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Each day thousands of homeowners live the American dream and start to build their new home.  However, they overlook one of the most important steps in the home building process.  They allow their contractor, who usually knows nothing about energy efficiency, to guess at the size of heating and cooling system they need for their home.

An incorrectly sized heating and cooling system results in

thousands of dollars in excess equipment (this is where we can save you BIG $$$),
an uncomfortable home,
higher utility bills, and
shorter equipment life.


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What do we offer that no one else will?

No one else in America will size your heating and cooling system and give you a written guarantee on your average heating and cooling bills.  And that's not all!  We will show you how you can receive most, if not all, of your hot water for FREE.


How can we offer such a guarantee?

It is absolutely essential that your heating and cooling system be sized using an approved ASHRAE computer program (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) .  Simply estimating the heating and cooling loads on you new home is unacceptable.  In most homes, the heating and cooling system is sized using what we call the “Bubba” method.  

Good old “Bubba” asks you, “How many square feet ya gonna have”?  Your response might be 2400 square feet.  He says, “Yep, you need a 4-ton unit”.  Your response is, “How did you know that”?  Bubba says, “Well, I’ve been doing this for 30 years and that’s how I’ve always done it”.  (Some of you are shaking your head right now thinking that’s exactly right.) 

How did we know Bubba would say you need a 4-ton unit?  He took 2400 square feet and divided it by 600.  Listen closely....this is how 99% of contractors size a heating and cooling system.  They guess at it!

Note:  A ton is a universal measurement to size heating and cooling systems.  Not to be confused with the ton which equals 2000 pounds.


So EXACTLY what factors influence the size of your
heating and cooling system?

There are several IMPORTANT factors that influence the heating and cooling loads in your home.

Glass area and direction that the glass is facing.  One home may have 1% glass, one may have 10% glass.  All the glass may be facing north in one home and west on the other.
Is the home on a slab, conditioned basement, or crawlspace, or a combination of the three?
Is the home one story or two?
How many feet of the homes foundation is exposed to the outside elements?
What are the ceiling heights?  Trust me.  I know from experience in my own home that there is a big difference between 10 ft. and 8 ft. ceilings.
How many exterior doors are there and what are they made of?  All glass, partial glass, or metal?
What is the geographic location of the home?  The heating and cooling loads are much different in Florida than they are in Michigan!

When we analyze your house plans, we don't just ask these questions for the whole house.  We break it down room-by-room.


How we saved Tom Larue of Texas $12,500 on his new home!!!

Now his wife can have the kitchen she wants,
the bathroom she wants, and all the glass she wants.

(You know what they say, Happy Wife, Happy Life) 

This example of the 2500 sq. ft. home is a true story.  Mr. Larue of Texas had an HVAC contractor estimate that he needed a 5-ton heating and cooling system for his home.  Mr. Larue sent us his house plans and asked us to accurately size his heating and cooling system and then provide him with the room-by-room load calculations.  Not only did we size his system, but we will give him a written guarantee on his average monthly heating and cooling costs. 

If Mr. Larue builds his home exactly as we teach, we calculated that his home only requires a 2.5-ton geothermal system/air-to-air heat pump.  This is exactly half the size of Bubba’s recommended system.  Our recommendation was calculated using the variables that affect heating and cooling loads and it was NOT estimated. 

The average cost of a geothermal heat pump is $5000 per ton for a complete horizontal or vertical loop system.  The geothermal system installed by Bubba was going to cost $25,000 (5-tons * $5000).  The geothermal system needed based on our calculations only costs $12,500.  That’s a savings of $12,500!

IMPORTANT:  It didn't matter if Tom was going to use a geothermal heat pump or air-to-air heat pump.  We still saved him thousands of dollars. 

This is just one example, but fact is 9 out of 10 homes have their system sized incorrectly.  If you’ve viewed the New Home Energy Saving video, you’ve learned that not only does an oversized system cost you more money, but it also makes your home

  • less comfortable,

  • reduces the life of your system due to inefficient operation,

  • and raises your utility bill. 

Not only were we able to save Mr. Larue $12,500 but we were also able to give him the most energy efficient window made, give him a large percentage of his hot water for FREE, and guarantee his average heating and cooling bills not to exceed $50 per month. 

Now his wife can have the kitchen she wants, the bathroom she wants, and all the glass she wants.  We have calculated the heating and cooling loads on hundreds of homes in many states and have no dissatisfied customers.  In almost every case our advice is to use a smaller heating and air system than originally suggested by the contractor. 


How's this for a return on investment?

Have the best and pay less.

We do not know of anyone that used our services and wished they hadn’t.  However, we know a lot of people that didn’t contact us before construction and wish that they had.  If you've already started construction it isn't to late.   Unless the heating and air contractor has actually installed your system, contact us today.

It’s simple math.  We charge 15 cents per square foot to analyze your plans (see the Internet special below).  On Mr. Larue’s home it cost him $375 (2500 * 0.15).  He spent $375 and saved $12,500.  Not a bad investment! 

For those of you that listen to Doug's "Home Remedies" radio show, you are well aware of Doug's triple pane American Dream Window.  Let's look at how using a triple pane window can save you even more money.

Just the other day we calculated the heating and cooling load for one of the five sets of house plans in our office.  This home was 3100 square feet, two story, with 17’ ceilings in the living room and family room.  

The first calculations using the standard window required that 59.7% of the cooling load be used for glass only.  Got that?  Over half of the cooling load is just for the glass in the home.  The next calculations using the American Dream Window required 47.4% of the cooling load for glass.  That’s over a 10% reduction in the required cooling load. 

By using the American Dream Window we were able to downsize the geothermal system ONE FULL TON!!  You think that will save some money?  Remember that a geothermal system averages $5000 per ton installed.  We just saved this homeowner $5000 by using the most energy efficient window he can buy.  If this homeowner did nothing else that we teach, he just saved $5000 on a $465 investment!


How Can Our Professional Services Help You? 

God has blessed us over the years and enabled us to help thousands of people all over the United States and Canada.  We do not sell the products we recommend for a good reason.  We research and find only the best products available and then pass this information on to you.  This enables us to change products at anytime for any reason.  

The first step for you to save thousands of dollars on your new home is for you to mail us your house plans.  We will size your heating and cooling system and give you a written guarantee on your average monthly heating and cooling bills. 

We will need a completed set of plans with the following information clearly marked:

  • North
  • Slab or crawlspace foundation
  • All window sizes
  • Room dimensions
  • Square footage of heated and cooled area
  • Name, phone number, existing address, address of new home


Limited Time Discount 

The normal fee is 15 cents per square foot.   For a limited time only we are offering a discount and will provide our written guarantee home plan analysis for 12 cents per square foot.  That’s a $60 savings on a 2000 square foot home.

Payment options:

  • Send a check for 15 12 cents per square foot along with your plans
  • Send a Visa, MasterCard, or Discover card number with expiration date and all billing information.  Your card will be billed for 15 12 cents per square foot.


Your Blueprint For Success 

You will receive a comprehensive checklist of energy items to include when building your new home.  You will also receive our written guarantee on your average monthly heating and cooling bills.  

PLEASE NOTE: If you desire to have a super comfortable home with unbelievably low heating and cooling bills backed by our written guarantee, simply fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as we can. 

If you have already begun construction, or are about to begin construction, please let us know so we can move you to the front of the line.

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What Happens Next? 

After you receive your information from us, we are here to help you.  We have started the Preferred Contractor Network at www.dougrye.com and www.philliprye.com.  This is a nationwide network of trust worthy and reliable contractors in your area that provide the services we recommend.  You can contact these contractors to receive bids on your specific project. 

If you have any trouble whatsoever finding a contractor or product, you may contact us at either info@philliprye.com or 501-653-7931 and we will be more than happy to assist you.